Upgrading from Pi 3 to Pi 4

I’d appreciate a quick steer on upgrading from a Pi 3 to a Pi 4. I have done some searching but not really found anything the same.

I want to move HA from my Pi 3 to my new Pi 4 so I took a full backup prior to shutting down Pi 3. Then newly installed Hassos on a fresh card.

The new card boots fine in the Pi 4. I thought I’d need a partial restore to bring the Pi back to where I was but not only does it seem to do stuff silently and slowly, it also didn’t being much back (though it did bring some)

So - should I be doing a Full restore (which I’d assumed would bring back the old “Pi 3” version of HA, maybe with invalid drivers etc), or what else should I be doing?

Thanks in advance…

Do a full restore, as far as I know it does not restore the os. I use full backup restore from a pi4 to an old pc I use for testing every week or so.

I’ll give it a go then, thanks. Just taking me hours each time! :slight_smile:

It takes me about 15 mins to do a complete restore on a pi4. Shouldn’t take hours unless your system is really big. Just login don’t bother setting anything up even where you are etc. The do a restore. Guess it could be longer if have a massive setup.

The hours was a minor exaggeration but I am still not getting anywhere.

I’ve downloaded the Pi 4 image and written it to a card, it goes through that 20 minute setup phase before I even get a screen for input.

After that I’ve tried restoring a backup from that screen, there is no indication that it’s doing anything so I let it run for 1.5 hours but nothing. So I tried making an account and getting into the new install and restoring and still nothing. I’m even doing it from the CLI which you can access when you plug a screen onto the Pi.

Next step is to get it back up as a Pi 3 and re-do the backup I suppose.

Spent a large lump of today on this, with no success.

I have put the new image on a new SD card, fired it up and when it’s gone through it’s processing I’ve chosen to restore a full backup (using the link on that first screen “Alternatively you can restore from a previous backup”. It asks for the image name etc (which was a new one I did earlier) then goes back to the first screen.

There is no indication that it’s doing anything though Supervisor says it’s OK. It doesn’t have the old IP address but if I use WinSCP to have a scout round the device on the new IP address I can see that mucho stuff has been backed up. That’s after 2 hours…

The screen however hasn’t changed so I am assuming it is still busy.

I am going to leave it another hour or two before doing anything else.

Would be grateful for any thoughts!!

Nothing changed, no completion message so I rebooted it then went in on the new address and it’s all working. Just needed to change the IP back to the old on (in my reserved range) and I now have HA on an 8Gb Pi4. Might add my spare SSD but not sure it’s really worth it, that might be better on the other Pi.

Seems quicker so far, especially boot up.