Upgrading Home assistant docker container on Odroid C2

hi, I have an Odroid C2, which is running Dietpi, with Docker.
I am running the HA docker Image for Odroid C2:

I see that this version is not maintained anymore, so I would like to switch to the regular docker container. Can I do this without losing my current configurations in HA?
Just download new container, stop old container and start new container?

I cant find any information on this anywhere, your help is appreciated…

Yes. Make backup
Post how your docker run or docker compose.

Yes. Delete nothing til new container is running. Did you bind mount folders or use volumes. Doesn’t really matter just asking

When I update I issue the following commands in the command line:

docker pull homeassistant/odroid-c2-homeassistant:stable # if this returns “Image is up to date” then you can stop here
docker stop home-assistant # stop the running container
docker rm home-assistant # remove it from Docker’s list of containers
docker run -d --name=“home-assistant” -e “TZ=Europe/Amsterdam” -v /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant:/config --restart always --net=host homeassistant/odroid-c2-homeassistant:stable # finally, start a new one

I assume that where I have now “homeassistant/odroid-c2-homeassistant:stable” it should be “homeassistant/home-assistant:stable”
the rest stays the same probably

If I enter docker rm home-assistant I remove my old container and when I start the new container it should use the available config files, but how can I backup my old container?

Also, the Odroid C2 is ARM64, should I pull a special container or is the :stable version good?

Since you use command line I would use rsync to simply make a copy at new location.

Updates may make Database changes which make rollback difficult or impossible. Having separate copy/backup ensures you can immediately restore if problems occur

You may also use backup tool in HA settings >> system >> backup. This simply creates a backup in the config folder. I prefer copy in separate folder


Thank you, I can confirm it works