Upgrading HP T620 Thin Client

Not sure where best to post this.

I am trying to upgrade the M.2 SSD in my HP T620 thin client.

It currently has an M.2 2242 form SSD but I want to install a longer M.2 2260 module, which seems possible according to Specifications and hardware description for a HP t620 thin client. However, in my thin client there is some kind of ‘spacer’ filling the gap which looks like it is fixed with a blu tac type adhesive maybe - see blue arrow below. Not sure how to safely remove this without risking damage to the current SSD…anyone know how to do this? Thanks

Should normally be like this in that system


From the looks of it with your case I would try see what direction you can unlock the cover to try remove it.

Thanks - yeah it seems like the spacer in my is unusual - as I see on the internet everyone has it as yours - but it also looks like the spacer in mine fits exactly so must be some kind of regular part? I bought the thin client a year ago or so from eBay. Has worked fine but I’m running out of space. I am nervous to move the spacer in case I damage the SSD / motherboard - hoping someone has experience of my setup?

I would scrape off what is covering what looks to be a screw that is holding it down in the last, this should allow you to remove it and move the mount point where you need for the size of SSD you want to install.


this worked! thanks