Upgrading sd-card with Mac on RPI after HASS complaining about diskspace

Ultimate procedure for writing new & bigger sd-card with Macos from existing card.

The internet is full of, mostly, way too complicated procedures to upscale an existing sd card running on a HASS RPI4.
So what I did was to create a .dmg of the “old” card with the Mac (M1 mini on Ventura) via Mac “Disk Utility”, it’s quite simple and then you have a e.g. xxxHASSxxx.dmg
Great! But the RPI imager programme doesn’t understand this file, it wants an xxxHASSxxx.img instead! So now in “Disk Utility” under “disk images” there’s an item called “Convert” where you can change the file structure of the .dmg, so select your .xxxHASSxxx.dmg file and at the bottom you’ll see a choice of “disk image structures” and there just choose “DVD/CD master”! Run your machine and a copy of your file will be created in the cdr format! Now you have a “master cd/dvd” copy! But it’s still not a .img !!! But. .cdr and .img are identical here. So rename to “xxxHASSxxx.img” et voilà!
Now start the RPI Imager program (I hate the name “app”…) and choose “select OS” where you will then erase the new “big” SD card and format it with FAT32.
Then choose “use own file” still in “select OS” and point to the fresh xxxHASSxxx.img and flash your new card. RPI-imager will ask you a few questions but simply ignore them.
And that worked from the first try!!!
Keep the “old” card for a while… until after that everything runs smoothly!
Some names have been translated from dutch to english and so may not be presented that way by an english or other MacOS, sorry about that.
Btw. I like to do things in command-line but the famous command "dd " (disk destroyer?) is fine but you really need to know what you do! Anyway my method is much faster(!!!) and easier.
Feel free to comment!

And just for the fun… I also tried to use balenaEtcher 1.18.11 and this works too!
WITH the .dmg file, so no conversion to .cdr/.img needed!