Upgrading to 2024.2.5 deleted all my history

I upgraded this morning to the new version, and upon returning into HA all of my history is gone. It appears my db “went corrupt” somehow? I ran a bunch of sqlite3 commands on it and verified that its OK, but it looks like the upgrade to .5 introduced schema changes? Comparing the old db from 2 hours ago to the new db, the schemas are different.

how do i restore all my data?

From which version did you upgrade from? I think 2024.2.0 did introduce a database change so, if you were upgrading directly from 2024.1.x (or earlier) to 2024.2.5, it would have made that change.

You could try restoring to your previous version and try again?

Which version of HA are you running? (HAOS, container…)?

I have just updated from 2024.2.4 to 2024.2.5 and did not lose any history (running HA Container).

i keep current, so i was at 2024.2.4. After several hours of fidgeting, i was able to ‘restore’ the backup db from before the upgrade. it didnt work the first two times i tried it but somehow it worked on the third. I lost about 2 hours of data, but im willing to accept that vs ‘all of it’

very odd.

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