Upgrading to fresh install of Hassbian 1.23 from 1.1, can I keep the old SD card

Installed Hassbian 1.23, openzwave, mosquitto, etc… and moved all of my /.homeassistant configuration files to the new installation. I stopped at letsencrypt/duckdns/chrome push because I’m not sure if I should just follow this guide again (reusing the same subdomain for duckdns) Guide: How to set up DuckDNS, SSL, and Chrome Push Notifications

Is that the right choice? Will that render the SD card that has my Hassbian 1.1 installation useless (e.g. will the SSL info change and make the old SD card outdated)? I’m wondering because my guess is that after simply installing all the same stuff and moving all of my configuration files I’ll still need to spend a bunch of time figuring out what the error log means and fixing things… and I’d like to be able to pop the old SD card in to the pi and still have a useful HA instance in the mean time.

Is there a guide somewhere for doing a fresh install and setting up all of your previous stuff without having to do each aspect from scratch? Hope that all makes sense!

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Old SD card still works.

I just set up everything from scratch one component at a time restarting and rebooting a ton of times to be sure everything was working, but the old SD card still works. So for anyone else that didn’t know whether a new letsencrypt certificate on the same duckdns subdomain would break your old SD card, the answer appears to be no. :slight_smile: