Upgrading to version newer than 0.76.1 breaks web interface for Sailfish Browser

I’ve been resisting upgrading HA above 0.76.1 for a long time, since higher versions break compatibility with the browser on my Sailfish phone. Now I know that it doesn’t support all the latest and greatest features, but most sites still work ok (google, youtube, amazon, msnbc, github, etc.) – so what bleeding edge feature do I need to nag the browser developers to add to work with HA?

Detailed description to reproduce problem:

Enter HA web interface URL in Sailfish browser. Page loads with HA logo and the following text:

“Unable to connect to Home Assistant.”

The word “RETRY” is a clickable link. Clicking it loads the same page again.

In version 0.76.1 and earlier I was able to log in with the web password and everything worked pretty much ok.

Version 0.85.1 works ok with desktop browsers. Works in the Ubuntu Touch Morph browser. Would really like to upgrade, but for now not at the expense of running through rain and snow to open the garage door with outside keypad or carrying a second mobile device just for HA.