Upload snapshot for restoring or migrating

Yes, but you still need to add it, setup the key etc etc. I use the addon myself.

Yeah, literally all of these suggestions require an unnecessary step when compared to other systems. Why should we need to install an addon, just to restore from a snapshot which will - in turn, restore our addons?



Good Feature Request. :+1:

Now that I’m using the Supervised edition, and snapshots, I see the need for this feature in the event I must re-install my system from scratch. The current path for restoring an existing snapshot to a fresh instance of Home Assistant requires too many steps.


I agree, (after I understood what it was about).

However, have you ever seen a feature request be implemented?

This is where feature requests come to die.

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“Where good ideas come to die.”

In fairness, a few good ideas come to life but I do agree this is where most lie in shallow graves.

Anyway, better to post it here, and hope it inspires a developer to implement it, as opposed to never sharing it all.


Signed up on the forum just to post this.
Please please can we can have “upload snapshot”? Would save a bunch of time when migrating to new hardware. Just wasted an hour working out how to do it. Downloading/creating snapshots is perfect.


I’d also like to see this implemented

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Take a look at this FR: https://github.com/home-assistant/frontend/issues/3910#issuecomment-626824424

@ludeeus created this UI concept:

so there is hope this will be added :rocket:


Eagerly waiting for this mod.

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It is a step in the right direction, but it does not solve the problem you first have to go through the onboarding process to reach that page.

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I think that if it will be added to that page, then adding it to onboarding is just a cosmetic step. First there must be API on the backend that frontend can use.

This is the way…

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Now it is no longer top secret.

no, but a sorely missing feature is coming.

My SD card failed overnight and I definitely could have used this this morning! It looks good!

It is available in the 0.116 beta :slight_smile:

With 0.116.0 being released I’m closing this one now :+1: