Upload the content of backup folder to S3

I Built this add-on because I needed a way to store my surveillance camera recordings on Amazon S3.
Many cameras allow uploading of files via FTP, so only the last step of moving them to S3 was left.

This add-on will automatically and recursively upload anything you put inside the folder “/backup” to the Amazon S3 bucket of your choice and will optionally upload existing files if they are not found in S3.

My setup currently is using the official FTP add-on to enable an FTP server on the Pi running Hass, thus accepting my FTP cameras uploads and then this add-ons take care of the rest.

Anyway here is the link: https://github.com/isbkch/hass-addons/tree/main/ftp-to-S3

And every contribution is welcome

I just got some feedback from a user who tested it mentioning a weird bug: some folders are uploaded, others throw an error.

I will be doing more investigation into this, and if you want to help as well, you’re more than welcome

Bug fixed. You’re welcome to give it a try

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There is also this Custom integration - file upload to S3

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@nickrout the same functionality can be achieved using my s3 integration and the folder watcher integration + automations.

@isbkch nice work, would be great to see an official S3 integration for HA

I checked it out but didn’t seem able to upload files recursively while creating needed directories, does it ?

Folder watcher only sends events on modified files. To do backup of existing files you would not use Folder watcher, you could upload files via S3 interface or use a tool like FileZilla