Uploading large files disconnects / breaks integrations

Hi all :blush:

For as long as I can remember when I upload large files to services like WeTransfer, YouTube, Vimeo, etc, my internet connection basically becomes unusable until the upload is finished, eg. I can’t browse websites.

Since setting up my Home Assistant Yellow, this also loses connection to external entities like my Tesla Powerwall until the upload is finished (all the values go to 0). If the upload is short in duration then the integration will recover once the internet connection is restored, but if the file is very large then the integrations will never recover without manually reloading the integration. Until then, any automations dependent on that integration will fail to work, which when managing the charging of my PowerWall overnight (for example) can be very inconvenient — I often leave large files uploading overnight so they don’t interrupt my ability to use the web in the day.

Whilst not strictly a Home Assistant question, is there a way of portioning off part of my internet connection that’s solely for the use of Home Assistant and other devices that are connected to it via the cloud like the Tesla Gateway, my two EVs, etc? Unfortunately, there are no upload speed throttling options when using services like YouTube, Vimeo, WeTransfer, etc, or I would use those.

Many thanks for your help!

David :grinning:

I had that after i upgraded my internet speed.
Turned out that my internet speed was to fast for my router, very often it had a 100% cpu load, and when that happened everything went slow🤔

Once i upgraded my router, al my issues went away :wink:

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Oh wow thank you for your quick reply!

That’s interesting I hadn’t thought that the router itself might be the issue …

Doing some research it seems this is quite a common problem and is caused buffer bloat:


And it does seem that some routers are designed to handle it and others aren’t …

Just rummaging around to see what routers are recommended … what router do you use?

Thank you!

David :slightly_smiling_face:

I decided to go for an EdgeRouterX
Fast and cheap :grin:

Oh…just started reading your link, and EdgeRouter is the first on the recommendated list😆

They mentioned 400mbps, mine does actually 1gbps :face_holding_back_tears:


I’ve just realised that I’ll actually need a router that has a built-in modem, as that’s what I have at the moment (an old Huawei HG633) … and none of the recommended options on the Waveform website have built-in modems :pensive:

Do you have any recommendations?

Many thanks!


Depending on your provider (cable, DSL, fiber, etc), you don’t have to use a combined modem/router. Most ISPs (at least those in the US and a lot of other countries) allow you to purchase or rent a modem/router combo from them, but there is no rule that states you need to use their hardware. I currently have AT&T fiber and they provide the modem/router combo, but I turned off all the router/wifi features and use Unifi equipment instead. The modem simply provides a single IP address for my router that is used for internet access.

Who is your internet provider?

Thanks for your reply Bill!

I’m with TalkTalk here in the UK, and they provided my original router when we joined them many years ago.

I suppose I could contact their technical support and complain about the bufferbloat issue and see what they say … it seems the latest router they offer is the Sagemcom FAST 5364:

But it seems there’s a bug that prevents access to Advanced Options at the moment :laughing:

Hence I’d prefer to go with a known brand which I know will work and has the features I require …


Wow, TalkTalk seems to be an “interesting” brand to work with… lol

The modem/router combo you have looks to have more issues than features, tbh. Calling their tech support seems like a good idea as I don’t think that putting a better router behind this thing would really help matters if it struggles to upload.

Haha I guess they just outsource the hardware side of their service to Sagemcom, but you’d hope they’re a bit quicker at fixing issues like the one detailed in the thread above!

I’ll contact them and see what they say.



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