UPnP/IGD: OnHub - always discovered, cannot ignore

I seem to have a persistent discovery of UPnP/IGD: OnHub on my HA install.

No matter how many times I ignore it, upon the next restart it is auto-discovered again. Even if I add it as an integration it also reappears and I end up with multiple entities.

Any ideas?

No help, but have the same issueโ€ฆ I thought it was โ€œjust meโ€

I finally turned off UPnP in the router settings with no adverse consequences

I found this after figuring out that I had 10 ignored onhub integrations. Isnโ€™t UPNP required for chromecast to function properly?https://support.google.com/chromecast/answer/3213086?hl=en

I think thatโ€™s correct, Iโ€™m not going to disable it on my router due to my use of Chromecast, Iโ€™ll just have to put up with the notification :slight_smile: