Uprading Water Level Sensor / Fuel Monitor

I just scored a couple of Flowline LU27-01 Ultrasonic Sensors new in box from an industrial auction… $50.00 for 5 boxes of assorted stuff. Great buy but still I wound up with these. I’m thinking I can use these to upgrade my Amazon purchased JSN-SR04T Waterproof Ultrasonic Modules. I have discovered these have a calibration software USB Dongle and free software. They cost a fortune online and I’m hoping maybe someone here may have experience with them or maybe some thoughts on integrating them and replacing my other ones. I’m kinda a newbie to the some of this, but not completely in the blind.

So my thoughts are that I just need to calibrate them install with the 24 v power supply required and do a current to voltage conversion (4Ma to 20Ma to Voltage) to my ESP 32 . and implement some YAML lines and should be good to go but as “newb” I’d be pretty interested to hear any other thoughts like maybe someone here already know or some YAML lines I need that arent gonna be clear as there is no documentation with these, or heck maybe you know they just flat out not gonna work and I’m wasting time.

Any help or thoughts would be welcome.