UPS for RPi-4

Hi, I would really like a UPS for my little RPI for when the power fails. My installation uses a (USB) SSD drive to boot from and I was really excited when I found this UPS from WaveShare

But it doesn’t work. The combination of RPI-4, SSC, ZWAVE Stick and other stuff leads to an “Undervoltage detected” when booting and it doesn’t read my SSD drive so I assume, it’s not delivering enough current.

Does anyone have a good suggestion or an alternative product I could use? I prefer not to buy a big desktop UPS device

On the surface that device should more than provide adequate power, but it also seems a few people are having problems with that UPS showing under-voltage on the 5v rail due to dirty contacts. I’d try pulling it, cleaning the contacts with something like Caig Deoxit and reinstall. See the second post here:

Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS HAT (B) for Raspberry Pi | The Pi Hut

If it still doesnt do it - I’d just go with a standard ups.

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Thanks, I’ll give that a go. A big UPS is not an option, unfortunately. Need something small.

Sorry, took a while to get back to you. I tried the suggestion but it didn’t work. Speaking to WaveShare, they are suggesting that I do some soldering - I’ll post the recommendation below but I won’t be trying it as I don’t want to lose the opportunity to return these items. A real shame as I really wanted this to work: