UPS monitoring hardware

I have a couple of APC UPS 650 It only has the usb connection. What hardware do I need to monitor it? Do I need a RPI to run the service and connect HA to it? The UPS is not near to the HA server.


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If your UPS is supported by NUT, then all you need is a computer that supports NUT and a USB connection to your UPS. The NUT integration can then connect to that NUT instance.

If you don’t want to run a computer just for NUT, you could maybe look into USB extenders to get the UPS wired back to your HA server?

Yep the UPS is supported. I decided to use a RPI, working on it as I type. Thanks for the suggestion.

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I got NUT to work fine on the PI, but the integration to HA keeps failing to connect. UGH

Bro, I have APC Back-UPS 650va, I cannot find it in NUT, would you please check it or tell me where can I find it… thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

In Home Assistant, there are two components necessary:
a) the NUT add-on
b) the NUT integration

If you don’t install the add-on, it won’t work. If you install the add-on and fail to enable the integration, it won’t work. Gotta add/enable them both.

You also need a server to host the device when it’s plugged in via the serial to usb cable for the data, in my setup I use my synology NAS to host the UPS server on the network for NUT to pull the data from into my dashboard and automatons.

I was trying with my APC BE650G2 Back-UPS, not discovered, I think it is not support it by synology DS723+, I did not find it in the compatibility list

Make sure you are using the serial to usb cable via the data port: UPS Communications Cable Simple Signalling USB to RJ45 - AP9827 | APC Australia and connect it to your NAS then follow these instructions to get it working NUT Sensor on Home Assistant to monitor a UPS connected to Synology NAS | SHB

You need to have the server on the NAS running with the UPS connected then you can have it show up in HA via NUT Integration.

Finally it is working now, I have total of 5 sensors are showing: (Battery charge, Input voltage, Load, Status, Status data), and Diagnostic +19 entities not shown (I Just enable each entity and it shows up)

I installed only the NUT integration, I didn’t install the NUT add-on

Do I need to install the add-on while it is working without it?

The add-on is a NUT server - by the looks of it(?) you used an extra hardware (raspberry pi) to host that nut server instead.

If you want to avoid that extra hardware you should be fine just plugging the USB from the UPS in the HA server directly and activate the add-on.