UPS PIco from

I hope that Home Assistant can support UPS PIco from so that it can notify me or trigger an alarm when there is a power outage.

It is very useful for home alarm automation to ensure the host can continue to function and alert me when a burglar cuts off the power supply.

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i’d also like to know if there is a HA component…


I just finished and testing on my RPi 3 custom component for UPS PIco. It is available on GitHub here, so you are welcome to test it.


  • Powering mode
  • RPi voltage
  • BAT voltage
  • NTC1 temperature
  • Enable/disable LEDs - blinking heartbeat (LED_OFF register - 0x6B, 0x15)
  • switches for blue, green, orange LEDs


Some state attributes in Power Mode details (versions, runtime):

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This is great. Still happy with the Pico ups?
I am looking for a simple ups solution for my pi and want to read it in the ha front end.

Hi there!

I don’t suppose this component works OOTB with Reluctant to try it, as I assume I need hassbian plus the UPS Pico extensions, can anyone confirm? Many thanks


This looks great. I have a Pico UPS on my Pi so will test tonight. Is there any documentation - could use guidance on what to add to to my configuration.yaml to get this working.


Thsi working correct in HA ? And it was implement it in master HA ?

@milanvo hope you are ok, any chance of providing some additional info on this… going to try it out but very little documentation.

How do you add it to config.yaml?
Does it require dependencies?
Can it be used with

Very much appreciate the work, going to try and pick it apart now…

I am sorry for late answer - I am spending more time outdoor than indoor this season :wink:
Just updated readme for custom component - see this:

Not tested with - using and developing on standard Raspbian / Hassbian. You can try to put in config dir, not sure if it will work.

But is any chance to implement it to master of Home Assistant ?

Any news from author ?


I felt in love with UPS Pico. If this component works well, I would be glad to have it directly in the main trunk as well.

is any chance to add option to show calculated time to work on battery ?

UPS Pico is now not available… In all magazine in my country is not available.
I found simillary product:

Is any chance to also write custom_component like UPS Pico for this new model ?
@milanvo it is maybe ask to you :slight_smile: ?


As i could not use the solution by milanvo on my HA, i have done some research and have good results by using pijuice ups python integrationas as a base, but modify i2c addresses. Still under progress, but now i can see charging state and IO status. About charging… its tricky, as i have to connect and solder a resistor beetween charge leds hot point to one of the pico AD input to be able to check that charge is active or not. (Software charge state is not represents the real status of charging or not)
You are see pijuice, but actually its a pico as described above…will work on it.