Uptime-kuma to home-assistant

Have there been any updates on this bug? I still fail to connect to my UpTime Kuma instance.

You need to add “http://” or “https://” to the URL. It’s not intuitive because “host” implies hostname, which does not have “http://”.

Looks like you can disable auth and It will work, Unexpected error, first installation · Issue #55 · meichthys/uptime_kuma · GitHub

how to set up database monitoring MariaDB?


does not work

Thanks for the tip! Had me stumped for a bit, then I realized can’t use it with 2FA, so I then found you can use api keys and then use your username and the api key to add it to HA.

Would you care to share your yaml for that?

Cheers, Richard

I use the Uptime Kuma HACS integration to get the Uptime Kuma sensors into HA - they appear as regular sensors with an up, paused or down status that you can react to.

To monitor the Z2M network for devices, you add an MQTT monitor to Uptime Kuma. You put in your MQTT hostname, port, username and password and then for the topic I use zigbee2mqtt/DEVICENAME/availability (where DEVICENAME is the Z2M device name), and put “online” in the MQTT Success Message.

Uptime Kuma will then report the monitor as down if the Z2M device changes to anything other than online.

From there, you can do what you want in HA using the sensor, which will be called sensor.uptimekuma_MONITORNAME.

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Thanks. In my case, I also needed in Z2M to turn on Settings > Availability.

Should we be able to see this ability in the HA addon? (JSON MQTT payload check)

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I had the custom Uptime Kuma integration from HACS running and from one day to another it stopped. I reinstalled it and when I enter my uptime Kuma credentials (ip, port, user etc.) it says „Failed to connect“ I set correctly to ignore SSL and added http:// in front of the IP (as before). Uptime Kuma is running and I can access it via the IP

Any Idea what is wrong or on which door I should knock?

2024.5 broke uptime kuma, frigate and adguard integrations using ssl. It also broke tuya local. 2024.5.1 didnt fixed the issue.

it already broke before I updated to 2024.5

Hi, is there anyway to get realtime updates to homeassistant. I am trying to use the uptime-card with this integration, but it does not send a status update every X seconds defined in uptime kuma for the monitor, instead it only send updates on interface UP or DOWN alerts.

Is there a way to change this so that every poll (60 seconds) is reported to homeassistant?


Since home assistant OS addons are docker containers, does anyone know how to use uptime kuma to monitor those addon/docker containers? Or where to find the details on tying into the HA docker host daemon? Thank you!

Maybe monitor docker can help you. It does work with docker containers. For haos I don’t know as I don’t use it.

Thank you for your response. I have some experience with monitor docker but really wanted to get it all into uptime kuma since I have some dashboards built out with it.

I use uptime kuma but mostly for monitor my zigbee devices availability. I don’t use it for monitoring docker containers, although you could use it and for that also.