Uptime Robot integration

I was wondering if someone could write some good integration for Uptime Robot into HA using the latest API:

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Pretty sure this should be moved to Feature Requests.

thanks @fabaff for moving my post to the right subforum :slight_smile:

Interested in this as well. As a workaround I use IMAP Email Content: https://home-assistant.io/components/sensor.imap_email_content/

+1 for this feature

@Bart274, @johmei, @gr4z
Do you have an idea of what you want this to do?

I’m thinking one sensor entity pr monitor, with an online/offline state.
Other ideas?

initial version ready for testing:
Link removed

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@ludeeus @fabaff

Hey Guy’s
Any idea why I’m only able to get 50 out of my 58 monitor’s in HA?

That is a limit in the uptimerobot API, they have set it to be max 50

Thanks, I actually found that after posting.

limit - optional (used for pagination. Defines the max number of records to return for the response. Default and max. is 50)

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