Urgent help with elderly call alarm please

H’i All
I am looking for some quick guidance on the best way forward.
My elderly father-in-law lives next door to us. He has recently started falling a lot and we have given him a call alarm that uses 433mhz fobs and transmit a signal to a base station connected to the analogue phone network. This works okay and calls us when pressed.
Very soon BT openreach will be disconnecting all analogue phones and the system may stop working and we cannot risk it not working.
I run a Home Assistant server on a pi using wireless and zigbee devices. I have tried to install a door sensor (zigbee) and a tasmota plug in his house to test range but due to the distance and the build of the two properties i struggle to pick up any signals from the devices despite moving the router of the zigbee and a wifi node as near to the house as possible.
I would like to try and connect the call alarm and door sensor to my H/A server and receive alerts.
As an aside i have several reolink cameras in his home that work on his wifi router and give us a good picture on the App and in H/A

How can i improve the connection of the devices to my Home Assistant server or is it a case of somehow using his wifi to send the signals to my server.

It does need to be reliable and notifications reasonably quick to arrive.

Any thoughts as to how to proceed

@digiblur has a couple videos on long range zigbee

LoRaWAN also comes to mind, but I haven’t gotten around to trying it out.

Ikea_zigbee_hub and Aqara_hub_m2(zigbee/ble, wifi, ir) supports ethernet-connection ( i have both Wired, to my router, through switch ) … so they are pretty close to the “sub_zones” they cover, response direct

Edit 2 Aqara_hub also have speaker , and Support google/Alexa

Thank you for your suggestions.
I realised that i will need to run some sort of device in my father-in-laws house to capture the rf signals using rflink.
it me be better to run a second instance of H/A to in his house to do all the work and then forward it over the internet to my H/A.
Possibly using “remote home assistant” in slave/master mode.
All i need now is to find another raspberry Pi

I know this is quite an old post and wondered if you found a satisfactory solution, because I have a similar problem with my mother, who has a Home Assistant installation the house that I can access remotely.

I am working on, but have not yet implemented, a solution to directly intercept the signal from a 433 Mhz device using an Evil Crow board. I first need to hack the signal using HackRF, then find a way of linking Evil Crow with Home assistant. Could take me a while, so any shortcuts or simpler solution would be appreciated!

See also my post “Elderly person fall alarm”

I use a openmqttgateway(OMG) that reads 433mhz signals and sends to HA. Then Telegram sends message to my phone. OMG can read. many protocols but you would have to test with your device.

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