URMET CallMe Intercom app

Hello, new user here.
First message, first feature request!
I am trying to figure out if the urmet CallMe app can be integrated in Home Assistant.
So far, I didn’t find any reference to it in the internet/forum.
Integrate the app into HA would be very useful IMO, as URMET intercoms are pretty common in new as well as old buildings.
Existing solutions (i.e. integration via Ring intercom + Ring-MQTT) do not provide complete control of the intercom.

Just skimming over the product page does not reveal any API support and the system seems to work without a server by uploading changes to a device that then runs it.
This indicate that it is a closed system and that it communicates directly with some servers in the cloud and most likely on an encrypted connection.
An integration with this setup is pretty much impossible to make, so unless you can get some access to the Urmet servers, then you are probably out of luck.

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Hi WallyR, thank you for your kind feedback.
It’s really a pity. Fingers crossed for the future!

Don’t get you hopes up.
When vendors choose a closed off system, then they tend to stay that way.
They have a fear that if it is opened up, then others can come in with their products.