US 220V Smart Plug for Washer/Dryer with Power Meter

Has anybody come across a smart plug that does the following:

  1. 220V US (I have a European style washer/dryer)
  2. WiFi, no hub required
  3. integrated power meter/usage statistics
  4. 30+Amps

I would like to monitor progress/status of the laundry.

30 amps? At 220v it’s 6,6KW. Is it an industrial washer?

The washer & dryer are actually daisy-chained to the power outlet, i.e. dryer is plugged into the outlet and washer is plugged into the dryer. Not my doing, it’s as designed.
If there is anything out there with e.g. 20A I’m happy to move the stacked combo out of the closet and check the actual power rating.

I doubt you will find a consumer device rated more than 16A, as that is the maximum rating for Shuko, Italian and other European domestic plugs. For the same reason, I think the combination of washer and drier will not exceed 16A, or it will not be certified with that power cable.
I suggest you to check the real power rating (look on the net for user guides instead of moving them out of the room). If you lower your power requirements there is plenty of 16A devices. I’m using a Sonoff Pow flashed with Tasmota, and I’m satisfied.

That’s the power plug my dryer has:
If I read that right it’s a 14R-30 with the wiring being similar to this one:

So, instead of having one phase of 220V against neutral, I have two 120V phases against neutral and 240V against each other - just like the multi-phased 380V setup in Europe I grew up with.

I doubt that the Sonoff Pow is set up for the American version of 220V because I need two phases.
Thanks for the hint, though, I’ll look into it some more.

I did a little research and found two things:

  1. I know very little about US power standards
  2. US has complex power standards :smile:

In italy we have 3 domestic plugs, the small one (10A), the big one (16A) and the round Shuko. Then we have the “heavy duty” plugs for 1-phase and 3-phase used for heavy machinery.

The NEMA US plugs page of wikipedia shows 25 different plugs :open_mouth: That thing that powers your dryer is really rated 30A!!!

If you really are feeding the dryer with 2-phase power I doubt you’ll find a neat ready-to-use domestic solution to measure power consumption. Maybe try to look for a 3-phase power meter with a serial interface (e.g. and connect it to an ESP8266 module to convert the serial port to MQTT messages.

Have you looked into the aeotec clamp things?

Not super complex usually. Appliances are usually just 220 or 110.
I’m guessing that dryer would be just 220 unless it’s tapping a small amount of 110v for logic/light. (the inside light would be 110, we don’t do domestic 220 lights)
The old style stoves were the most clever/complex in that regard.
Each pot element was driven by either 110 for low or 220 for high. If you had a fancier stove you’d have two elements curled together to get a number of stages from single 110 up to both 220.

For a normal dryer, seems like their element is around 5400 Watts which would be 25ish amps.

I’m working on monitoring my dryer’s power use for alerting and I’ll be using a clamp-style monitor (IoTaWatt)

I basically gave up on trying to find a solution that will cost easily me $100+ for that little added value, i.e. I still move my own body to physically check on the status of the washer/dryer :frowning:

Couple of split cores on each leg of the wire and monitor them with the ADC pins on a ESP32. Several videos on the Youtubez showing how to do it.

digiblur: Why don’t you do a video on 220V monitor/control? I’d love to monitor or control my dryer, oven, and car charger, but like this thread indicates, there is nothing really out there that is under $100. I have only found the wallflower.