US Energy Monitoring

I love the new focus on energy monitoring. While I have several monitors on individual devices, nothing global. The first thing that occurs is I have no way of monitoring energy use from the grid. I live in the US (Pennsylvania) and the meter has no obvious ability to read it. While I understand it is read from the street I cannot find info on the gathering that info from home.
I wonder what others are using to monitor the inbound usage?


Emporia Vue 2 is an option.

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This might work If you’re using Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPL)

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You can install a smart meter that provide cloud service or integrated in HA.
It is a lot of meters that meet this requirments If you do not have solar
For example, Sense(a very famous smart meter brand in USA).
Or IAMMETER products

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Unfortunately our Borough has its own electric service - not PPL. Although that’s who supplies their power :frowning:

I think I have 220v/200A coming in. Do you have a system with two split-core monitors? Like this Shelly system?

Adding info I found:

I’ve not verified HA integration for these

The Aeotec is z wave. I have the Gen 2 hooked up in my house and it sends data to HA.

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IAMMETER do not have two split-core monitors.
But its three phase energy meter supports split phase usage either.

In fact, the solar pv monitoring is one of the most obvious split-phase applications for the three-phase energy meter.

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Although I use the Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen5 to monitor my dryer its intended use is exactly for your application. It has the L1, L2 and Ground connections and CT split core monitors for 200A each. I use it with ZWaveJS2MQTT.

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For others coming along, I found this write-up on HA energy monitoring options. Pretty thorough