US On/Off/On Retractive Switches?

Anybody have any good leads on on/off/on retractive switches in the US?

The Zooz Momentary Push-Button in-Wall Switch ZAC99 is almost correct, but apparently the down button on the rocker is a no-op (supported by the lack of second switch output).

Then there’s the Legrand radiant Two Single-Pole Switches, RCD11W, only those aren’t momentary switches.

I need to make it so that a paddle (or double switch equivalent, like the legrand) can send two signals to a fibaro dimmer 2 and for the life of me I can’t find anything.

I presume the dimmer 2 is in the box with the switch you want to replace? What about just replacing it altogether with something like the Zooz ZEN72?

A big thing is feature parity: The fibaro allows for 7 distinct commands with an appropriate retractive switch. I’ve got other retractive smart dimmer switches (GE), but in a few locations the fibaro’s extra functionality would be ideal, and I hadn’t realized that dumb retractive switches are this hard to find/identify.

You can do 12 with a ZEN72.