Usb.3 issue

running haas inside ESXi … i am not able to use any usb3 device …

any idea ?

Since it is ESXi that writes the message, then it would also be that program that has the limitation.
ESXi does not seem to support the USB controller on the selected guest OS, probably because a driver for that guest OS have not been developed.

which is strange as the guest is vmware VM from haas webpage official one …

maybe its because i am already passingthrough pcie-usb3 and it cant manage 2x usb3 …

It does not really matter what image you use if the hypervisor do not allow the setup for that type of VM

@WallyR yeah you are correct thanks.

the problem is that i tried 2 pcie to usb 3.0 cards and first one doest work at all, second one only in usb2.0 … so i am desperate…
i need 3x usb3. but seems 90% of these cards are some crap :frowning:

You need to figure out what chipsets that work and then find the brands between the, that are recognized.
Nearly all the cheap ones use the same chipset.

Supported VMware USB passthrough devices from an ESX/ESXi host to a virtual machine (1021345)
Configure USB 3.0 Passthrough in an ESXi 6.7 Host - DailySysAdmin | For all things IT!
Don’t know what you plan to use these USB for, but I don’t think you can boot VM via USB passthrough.

Anyways hope these helps.

@k8gg no idea about posted link … doesnt make any sense…
also i dont wanna boot VM via USB passthrough…

i bought new pcie-usb3 card and it is working as expected.