Usb-c PD to power led strips is a good idea?


I was wandering if it is a good idea to power 3or4 meters of 24v led strip (~80W in total) with a USB-C power supply like this and a power delivery trigger like this one.
I know that the voltage would be at most 20V but I don’t think that i will ever use the strip at full brightness anyways and if it is really too dim I could add a dc to dc boost converter.
Do you think that this system could safely works or is too dangerous and I should invest in a more specific power supply?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Thank you but I mostly wanted to know if the idea that i mentioned is a viable solution. I have couple of those chargers that i’m not currently using and the power delivery trigger would increase their functionalities by a lot. I’m just worried by the high amount of watt that would have to pass through that tiny component

Seems like a really bad idea to me. It’s out of spec using uncertified/untested spoofed components. My guess is best case it won’t work, worst case it will burn down your house and the insurance company won’t pay up.

For example, consider the devices posted above, look at the heat sync on those drivers compared to what you are proposing.

I did not bother to check because I was thinking you asking if ok to use 5vdc usb-c supply and I not think it work and recommend other devices.

I don’t think you burn down house but I expect it not work or supply fail early due to long period overcurrent cause component failure in supply.

Ok thank you very much to both @wuench and @tmjpugh, you confirmed what I feared. I’ll do it in the proper way :slight_smile: