USB-C powered dual CC2530 + CC2591 router

Hi, as I have quite a lot of devices in my network I needed multiple routers. As my apartment is quite small I have no issues with range so I decided to make 2in1 dual router using CC2530 board.
The build is hacked together using parts I had already at home so it is not always ideal but I think it is neat solution. If you decide to build your own you can buy items better suited to this specific purpose.

I started using recommended CC2530 router tutorial ( ). But I didn’t like the direct mains 230V connection and the plastic case.

So I decided to use aluminium case, 110mm in length, 24mm tall and 64mm wide. To this case I placed universal pre-drilled board. In my case I used two of them - I received them in one piece just to be snapped off (V-groove milled). I didn’t snap them but instead superglued the V-groove to make it bit stronger.

To the universal board I stuck two CC2530 + CC2591 modules, DC/DC converter and USB-C breakout board (and a LED with resistor to see if it works)

(as you can see there is lot of unused space there so it will be better to use smaller box)

I bit fuc**d up the layout as the edge is pretty close to those rails inside the case. So I better insulated it using some duct-tape

The position of the USB port and antenna connectors is so they stuck outside of the box

I drilled and filed openings for the USB port and antenna connectors

The DC/DC converter is bit overkill as the module I used is step up/down and you need only step-down but on the other side it uses well-documented switching IC and not some noname-one. And like I said - I had this at home from another project. Btw you need 3.3V output version

I can’t find link to the exact USB-C breakout board so you have to find something similar.
Aluminium case is very similar to this one, only mine is 1cm longer:

Hope somebody will find this useful :slight_smile:


Looks nice. I just wonder, what is the use of 2 routers 1 cm from each other ?

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As I have many devices and as per each CC2530 router has limit of 21 devices connected. So I need more routers because of this

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Good project, I understand the idea, but if it was me I would split the two, and place them separated from each other, no t only to get some redundancy, not only about power, but also coverage…
I also don’t like to see antennas that close with the same purpose, I think there will be a lot of crosstalk between them…
That’s just my opinion…


Hi, yes separating them into two/three/four… would be better. But for me it is more important that I have one compact device that needs only one wall plug. Don’t have currently many places to hide many routers in my apartment so merging them into dual ones are benefical for me.

All of this I am doing because of this (for me strange) maximum linked devices to one router limit. And as I have quite a lot of devices on small area I need more routers just because of this - and not for coverage purposes as majority of people needs.

I understand the use of an extra router, but how do you make sure that end devices pair to the router instead of the coordinator if they are so close?
Is the max number coupled to the hardware due to memory of the device (cc2531 /cc 2530)?
Another issue:
I have a router at distance, but a Ledvance smart plug would not pair to it, while a Sonoff SNZB-04 door sensor did.

When I look at the network map all the standard devices are connected to the routers and the only devices connected to the coordinator are those routers. I don’t understand inner workings of the network but it somehow pushes all devices to the routers.