USB connected tag reader?

Hi guys!

I am more or less new to HA.
I came across Adonno’s tag reader and i was wondering, if there is ANY plug-in solution?
I use HA on a rasp4 via the “regular” (i guess that’s how i should call it) installation.
A tag reader would so damn awesome, but in my setup it would be the only device in my network connected via wifi. Otherwise i could just leave it off. That is why i am really interested in a plug-in solution. Thankful for any help/ideas.


Any gpio/soldering option is welcome too!

Or could someone please explain to me, why it is not working?
On the one hand I understood that there are forwarding restrictions for security reasons. But on the other hand I have my zigbee board connected and communicating.
So what is going on there? Any workarounds?