USB dongle CC2652 not detected

Hi, I can’t seem to make this dongle to work on my HA. I am running my HA on Windows 10. Under device manager it can’t find the driver for the USB dongle. Also from HA/Supervisor/Hardware the USB dongle is not detected.

I bought the dongle from here CC2652 USB Dongle

Any suggestion what step am I missing.

How do you run HA on Windows 10 ? You may need to install CH340 drivers.

I am using Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager.

I have downloaded and installed the driver. Now it is showing Com3 from Device Manager. But still not showing under Supervisor. Restarted HA several times as well.

Thanks you for the help really appreciate it.

Thanks for that. Now it is showing COM3 from Device Manager. I tried activating the Com port at Virtual machine but still not showing up under Supervisor.

Use the USB filter tab.

See also:

Thank you for the help. That fixes that issue.