USB eBUS stops Conbee II working (zha)

Hi - I recently hooked up an eBUS connection to my Vaillant boiler (the Esera usb one) but whenever it’s plugged in the zha integration stops being able to connect to its devices using the Conbee II in the other USB port. Has anyone come across this before?

It must be some kind of port conflict - the zha debug logs show a timeout while trying to connect if the eBUS is plugged in.

I’m using HA Core/OS. TIA.

Is the eBUS connected to a USB3 Port?

USB3 can cause interference with Zigbee. It helps by connecting the Conbee II to the USB port with an extension cable and relocate it away from USB3, Bluetooth and wifi on the server.

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Do you use /dev/serial/by-id ?

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