USB Hub for Coral on Home Assistant Yellow

Hello friends.

I have been looking through here and have seen some posts related to this, but it doesn’t seem like any of them name any know working solutions. What I have found is that Coral (USB) will not run off the home assistant yellow due to power constraints.

Therefore I was wondering if there is anyone who was able to get the Coral accelerator working off of a powered USB hub? If so what hub specifically?

Thanks in advance!

Did you ever figure this out? Frigate kept crashing because my Coral wouldn’t stay powered on consistently.

nope. I got a beelink mini pc i am using for frigate now with the coral

That’s unfortunate. I’m starting to think this Home Assistant Yellow is junk and I should have stuck with the NAS. HA Yellow definitely isn’t as snappy as my NAS was. The problem I had was when we lose power, the NAS sucks way too much power to keep it running long… and we lose power a lot.

I still use the home assistant yellow, I just have frigate and compreface on the beelink (and some other containerized apps I can remember)

Coral is working great on the beelink mini pc, and I have doubletake on the Home Assistant as well as all the normal smart home stuff.

If the sole or main purpose of purchasing one or the other is Frigate and coral usage I would go with a beelink or something similar. For most other scenarios the yellow does great! I have not had issues with it getting the camera feeds or displaying them, and I have utilized doubletake for facial recognition which works with frigate and compreface…

Thanks. I’m trying to setup a second HA instance on the NAS solely to run frigate since I can’t seem to get it setup any other way. I’d like to think I’m computer literate, but struggle with frigate and most of the videos and instructions relate to the HA frigate install.

I will say, I think my lovelace loads slower from HA yellow than it ever did from my NAS. Do you see similar issues? Half the time icons won’t load for a few seconds. It’s not as snappy as I thought it might be.

Ironically I just moved my instant off my synology and onto a yellow for thst reason. I couldn’t get frigate, coral and HA working together. Now I’m reading yellow doesn’t have enough power to run coral. I’ll have to buy a powered hub to experiment.