USB Over IP (For Zwave Stick)

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I have Home Assistant running on a Proxmox cluster with three nodes. If one of the nodes fail, it will be moved to another node. The problem is that the USB stick is physically only on a single node.

Is there a good USB Over IP solution that would allow me to connect this USB stick to that and have Zwave JS UI connect to the device over the network? That way when home assistant fails over to another node, there won’t be any interruption to any of the Zwave devices.

There are some on Amazon, but I was hoping someone had done this and knows if it works well (or not). Thank you!

I haven’t tried these, but this is my understanding of some of the options.

What some people do is put zwavejsui on a raspberry PI and connect to it via the LAN.

So this would be:
Raspberry PI
Zwavejsui docker

There is also a product from homeseer. I know they were engaging in this message board and now advertise this as working with HA.

The other solution is to use something called ser2net on the computer with the stick and talking to this is supported by zwavejs. Which is what I think homeseer is doing. But at that point just running zwavejsui here may be simpler.

I’m running Z-wave on a HomeSeer Z-Net (RPi 3b with ser2net as mentioned above). I added RFXCom and my Conbee II to the ser2net config and now all 3 are working solid in this configuration. If necessary I could point my development instance to this hardware in the event the production server fails.

If I expected to have 2 or more Z-wave networks (imagine the horror) I’d migrate Z-Wave-JS UI to the RPi, but the ser2net configuration is used by hundreds if not thousands of HomeSeer users without issue. Much easier to get running quickly.

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Are you using the built in zwave in their device or using a USB stick? Trying to understand the migration path from a USB stick to this device.

If that question was directed at me, HomeSeer uses a PI HAT Z-wave device (EZZee) in their older 500 series Z-nets, but it presents itself similarly as the USB devices as far as ser2net configuration goes.

Others on the HomeSeer forum have rolled their own with a RPi and USB z-wave device without issue.

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I also have HAos in a proxmox cluster and trying to get an Bluetooth dongle available to HA from a pi with ser2net…No luck so far…