USB passthrough with proxmox

I have tried to set up my HA on proxmox using the default image on HA installation page.
It works find but Ihave a issue with DSMR integration of a Serial-to-USB.

I have one Z-wave USB stick that is working fine (Aeotec)
I have one RFXtrx 433Mhz integrated and this work fine
I have one USB-Serial to my energy meeter that seems to integratio successfully but it does not collect any data.

I did a new installation with HA directly on the NUC and all three integrations was working fine, so can there be something in proxmox that spoils the data?
When I integrate the DSMR the integration says successful and I see the enteties and devices but no data collects…
Any tips?

Noone that knows if there might be issues in passing data via serial-USB and proxmox VM?
I have noteiced that my NUC has way more power than I need for HA so I want to use proxmox so I can use some resources for something else… like a webserver or something…

USB passthrough works fine for me. You have to explicitly add the usb port in the proxmox screens using the Add button.

I did that and the HA could find them in the integration, but in HA both serial-USB devices was named the same so I thought that waw the issue.
One is a serial-usb to my electric meter and the other is RFXtrx. I only got the RFXtrx to work in proxmox but on native installation both are just fine, so I am now on bare metal and really liked the proxmox solution better…

In the Proxmox node console, use the List USB command to make sure you know the identifiers and ports for the devices: lsusb so you attach the right one.