USB passtrue in ESXi

Im running Homeassistant on my NUC6i5 with ESXi7, and i can’t figure out how to get USB working.
I baught at USB RS485 stick to get data from my Modbus Energymeter.
When i put the USB-RS485 in a Windows machine, it is working, and reconiced as “USB-SERIAL CH340”
In the Hardware menu in HA, nothing happens when I put the adapter in any of the 4 external USB ports in my NUC.
What am i missing?

Did you add a new USB Device in ESXi for your HA VM?

I am pretty sure i tried that before upgrading ESXi to 7.U3c, whitout any lock, but now i tried with the usbdevice connected, which it was not before, and that seems to work.

Thank You