Usb ports on a dell thin client

I run HA on a dell 5020 thin client, with a internal SSD, which also has 4 external USB ports.
I already store a backup on a drive connected to my modem, but would also like to use one of the external ports for a second backup drive.
can someone tell me how to access the usb ports as I can’t seem to find them on my network.

How are you trying to configure the network sharing of the drive? How do you run HA?

You can’t put a drive on the USB ports without hacking the HAOS as root.
I don’t recommend it, but if you search the forum here you will find the thread about it.
Tips on Searching for Answers & Duplicate Topics in the Forum.

Thanks for the replies.
I just wanted to take the backups off my google drive.
Will find another location to use.

If you have another computer, you could connect it there, share it over network and configure the HA backup to use the shared drive.

Option 1:
Use a USB hub. I do this on a couple of my Intel NUCs that don’t have enough USB ports for all the dongles and external storage.

Option 2:
Buy another micro PC and install Ubuntu Desktop on it. Mount a 2Tb SSD and share it. On your Home Assistant, install the Samba Share add-on. Problem solved.

I do both. The second option is also mounted on our family PCs as “Drive Z”. Everyone can read/write to it and it makes sharing files super simple.

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