USB power switch with powerbank

Hey there,
i want to power a small LED strip from a powerbank (both USB-A), bc there is no mains power nearby.
The PB should be switchable from homeassistant via bluetooth/wifi/zigbee/whatever.
SONOFF Wi-Fi Smart USB Adapter looks promising, but it seems it draws too much power in standby, so not really usable with a powerbank.

Is the LED strip existing? If not I would do this all with WLED.

size of led strip? rating? You can do it with a simple esp32 or 8266 if the current is less than 1A and led is 5V
I am already using it with a small 30Led WS2812 strip

Thanks, i’ll have a look at the suggestions.

The LED lightstrip in this case is from Briksmax (light kit for lego). It has about 30 leds and can be used with 3 AA batteries as an alternative

can you measure its working voltage while connected to the “recommended battery pack”? If you connect a 5V supply to 3.3V led it might blow up.

4,5V with batteries, 5V bp

i just noticed, that using a powerbank might not really work:
with low power consumption it assumes “the smartphone” finished charging and goes into sleep mode, so the esp can’t wake up again.

There are some hacks around this problem, but i’m not sure it’s worth the effort.

The other problem might be power consumption:
The ESP32 uses about 80mA depending on sleep mode.
And with a 30.000mAh powerbank it would last about 15 days in standby

you can always use the relay to turn off the power as and when required.
These seem to be 5V Led strips which can be easily powered from 5V supply/Esp.