USB Soundbar hard crashes HA

I have a home assistant instance running in my van:

  • rpi4 with USB SSD
  • powered by POE hat (no power issues)
  • as attached USB Soundbar
  • integrated via VLC addon/corevlc-telnet
  • it all works fine (I use it with Google text to speech output)

BUT roughly every 8-10 hours (or based on usage … not sure yet) it hard crashes my HA (latest builds of all modules) so that it is completly offline and has to be un-powered and re-powered to get online again

  • narrowed the problem down to the Soundbar as when I disable the vlc integration … HA runs stable again

I also tried to find log entries to get more crash Details … but I cannot find something useful

any tips or ideas ?
thank in advance

I bet that is a power issue.
The RPi is really sensitive to power fluctuations, because it requires so much power that it is really not possible to power much over the USB connections at all.
A more powerful power supply for the RPi does not help much, because the power circuit inside the RPi limits it anyway.
Only solution is a powered USB hub.

You can find countless posts on the forum where anything more than a single, or if they are lucky two, small radio sticks are all that can draw power from the USB ports.
Anybody running a SSD expansion will also tell you this.

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This 100%. Powered usb hub for EVERYTHING possible if on an rpi4

Yes even with the hat. People originally thought it bypassed the USB limits but unfortunately appears not to be the case unless you nodded the power injection somehow. Still use the powered hub…

ok … sounds reasonable … so a powered USB hub is the next try :+1::sparkles:

only challenge is that I have only 12V constantly available in my van :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You should be able to wire an inverter (AC) or buck converter (DC) as appropriate to be able to feed the power profiles you need.

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…ordered this one Industrial grade USB HUB, Extending 4x USB 3.2 Ports, Switchable dual hosts, Multi Protections | USB3.2-Gen1-HUB-2IN-4OUT

That’s a great find! A bit low on the output side @1.2A, but otherwise pretty full featured.

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