USB Web Cam not showing


I’m having trouble trying to get a usb webcam to work.

I got the latest version of hassio running on raspberry pi 3.

I can see it in lsusb and the webcam work in on my windows laptop still.

\dev\video doesn’t exist.

core-ssh:~# ls -al /dev/video*
ls: /dev/video*: No such file or directory

Any idea why or what to try to get to show.


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you probably need to use a third party app / ffmpeg to pull the video out of the cam and make it available to HA
I personally use motion for this

What camera is it your trying to use? Just a usb webcam?

So it’s old webcam from toshiba laptop.

I’ve tried using motionEye and that couldn’t find the device.


so I got it working with motion… sort of (see pic). Anyideas? tired every type not really sure what’s going on here? I did it also double check that it still works on my windows pc.

Side note there a limitation for motionEye for hassio that mean it can’t access local usb camera.

switched to 32 bit works fine