USB Zigbee Stick Question (RF-Star RF-BM-2652P2)

Looking to pull the trigger on a USB adapter to start using Zigbee accessories. Many of them are out of stock, or have poor shipping to the US. Does anyone have experience with the USB Zigbee Stick (Z-Stack) Coordinator from Circuit Setup? It does’t look like it has an antenna which worries me about range.

Sorry if this has been asked a million times, I searched for this specific model and couldn’t find anything, which mad made me even more anxious!

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Well, it has a TI CC2652P, which is a good chip, so it might be worth the try.

It’s recommended by the Zigbee2MQTT people, I just can’t tell if it has an antenna, and the fact that no one has talked specifically about it on the Discord or Forums makes me nervous.

People usually post on forums if the have problems, few post to say they have no problems.

There are 6 issues on Z2M’s github mentioning CircuitSetup, but no real problems

Why not a ZBDongle-P from Amazon? Same chip, with case and antenna.

This gets said in the discord about 2-3 times a day.

Excellent point! It’s hard to prove a negative, so I should take the Z2M suggestion as the best evidence available.

Maybe I’ve been lucky.

At this point 5 HA installs I’m more or less responsible for with ZBDongle-P. Zigbee has been solid on all.

Another 12+ deployed as routers.

For anyone finding this now. The module does not have an external antenna, but a PCB antenna. Since the TI chip has a configurable gain, it has no problems with devices that are farther away.