Use a connected light with a normal switch

Hello everyone,

In my installation, I have an LED panel. It is now used with a normal switch. I’d like to connect my light to it. The only constraint I have is that I want the switch to always be usable.
What’s more, I’d like to be able to use my light wirelessly even if my switch is off.
I can use a connected relay or a new switch, whatever. If possible, I’d like to use zigbee.

Do any of you have a solution for my situation.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for your understanding.

I’m guessing the light you are wanting to connect is a smart bulb?

There are relays available for Wifi/Zigbee/RF

f.e. Moes

The S1 connection is for an external switch and uses 220v (or 110v when in US)
Can be operated by both switch and HA.
The physical switch will just toggle the current state (and the status in HA will be updated accordingly).
PS: Also available as dimmer version

Note that these not applicable for smart bulbs; they always need to be powered.
In that case, use something like a zigbee switch f.e. from Ikea

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this is the light I’m tryng to connect. CoreLine Panel | RC125B | Philips lighting

This might not be exactly the same panel but same shape and brand.

Thank you very much for your answer.

My problem is more about the note you said at the end of your answer.

So as I understand, it is not possible to have a connector (like the moes) that alows me to use normally my switch and to connect my light (because if I turn of my switch, the light will not be usable).

The switch will be connected to the moes relay (and not be switching the light directly)
The relay inside the moes will be switching the light when the switch is operated.

The module is designed to fit in the connection box behind the switch.
The challenge there is often to get a live wire available in the connection box. (which is needed to power to moes).

Ofc it is also possible to place the moes close to the light, in which case a live wire will be available.

In new situation (from the image), if I turn off the switch, the moes relay will not recieve the L and so, it will not be able to switch off or on the light if the switch is originally of. Is that right?

I’ve used a Shelly device for this, but you could also use a Sonoff mini. Basically you configure the Shelly to disconnect the state of the switch from the physical switch so you can keep power to the bulb. This way you can keep the bulb always on so it can be turned off by HA and use MQTT on the Shelly to send the physical switch state to HA to control the bulb as well.

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I actually made a mistake, the moes is continuously on L and N

Have a look here (it is for shelly, which do the same a MOES (but on wifi, not zigbee)

Thank you for your answer, I’ll think of doing this!

Thank you very mch for all your answers. I think that I’m going to do this thanks again!

That is a shame of the shelly, as it is degraded to a switch only.
If you want to do that I’de recommend a zigbee switch (1/3 of the price of a shelly)