Use Aeotec Z-Stick with Xiaomi Temperature & Motion Sensors?

I’ve been using Home Assistant for quite a while but have never really used ZigBee/Z-Wave devices so don’t know anything about them.

I was looking at getting some Xiaomi Temperature & Motion Sensors (as it seems you can buy them pretty cheaply), and I wondered if this USB Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 would work with them via Home Assistant?

Or do I need to buy the ‘proper’ Xiaomi Gateway to get them working together?

I don’t believe they are Z-wave so you need the Xiaomi gateway.

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The Z-Stick is Z-Wave, the Xiaomi are Zigbee. They can’t talk to each other.

Also, many Zigbee devices will only communicate with that brand’s Zigbee gateway, as I believe is the case with the Xiaomi Aqara devices.

You need the Xiaomi Gateway to have xiaomi zigbee products working

Ah, OK. Thanks for clearing that up.