Use Airplay speakers for TTS in Home Assistant?


Is it possible to use Airplay speakers (Airport Express with external speaker attached) or an Airplay enabled Sonsos speaker as TTS device from Home Assistant?
I have a HassOS installation on a Raspberry Pi 4B.

Thanks for answers!

I installed Forked-Daap and with the integration in Home Assistant I was able to use TTS through it to broadcast it to my AirPlay enabled receiver.

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Ok. I will try if I can find something about forked-daap. Thank you!

This seems to be installing forked-daapd not on the Home Assistant Pi, correct?

Correct… just wanted to show you the potential. It is a great product. I used a docker container version and did install it side by side on my Home Assistant server.

Also readup on this thread: Forked-daapd and media player services some extra info in ref to forked-daap integration in HA. Notice the default VOLUME setting in the integration and TTS has a slight delay.

I used this container by the way

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Thanks for taking the time. I’m working on this for the next few days… slowly.

Asking OP, what did you end up doing for aiplay speakers. i have boston acoustics mc200air which goes to sleep on DLNA but can only be woken up using airplay. So i want to use airplay mode on the speaker instead of DLNA