Use Alexa to change my LED effect

So i have set up some lights in my garden, they are working perfectly but i would like to get Alexa to change the effect. All i can seem to do is turn the light on or off but cannot control what effect to use.

Below it the code. I take no credit for this as it was a copy and paste from DR ZZZ

  • platform: mqtt
    name: “Bar Lights”
    command_topic: “bruh/mqttstrip/setpower”
    state_topic: “bruh/mqttstrip/setpowerpub”
    rgb_state_topic: “bruh/mqttstrip/setcolorpub”
    rgb_command_topic: “bruh/mqttstrip/setcolor”
    brightness_state_topic: “bruh/mqttstrip/setbrightnesspub”
    brightness_command_topic: “bruh/mqttstrip/setbrightness”
    optimistic: false

name: Holiday LED Effect
- “Christmas”
- “Candy Cane”
- “Holly Jolly”
- “Valentine”
- “Lovey Day”
- “St Patty”
- “Easter”
- “USA”
- “Independence”
- “Go Blue”
- “Hail”
- “Touchdown”
- “Halloween”
- “Punkin”
- “Thanksgiving”
- “Turkey Day”
- “BPM”
- “Confetti”
- “Cyclon Rainbow”
- “Dots”
- “Fire”
- “Glitter”
- “Juggle”
- “Lightning”
- “Police All”
- “Police One”
- “Rainbow”
- “Rainbow with Glitter”
- “Ripple”
- “Sinelon”
- “Solid”
- “Twinkle”
initial: “Rainbow with Glitter”

name: Animation Speed
initial: 150
min: 1
max: 150
step: 10

There ins’t enough info here for people to help you. How are you interfacing to alexa? There’s a handful of ways to interface with her and home assistant. Which one are you using?

Hi Petro Thanks for your reply.

I am using Hassio and the MQTT broker addon to communicate with the node MCU.

I am using the home assistant cloud skill to control Alexa,
The light is set up as bar lights. i can say “Alexa turn on the Bar Lights” but i cannot change the effect

Hello, now you have more than enough info, can you answer the question? Or you just need to scream in forums…

Hi Petro

Sorry for not replying . Anyway i used WLED in the end and did not need to integrate this into Home Assistant.

How is any of that screaming? Take your attitude elsewhere.

Sorry, I never saw your reply. If you reply using the button under the posters name, they will get a notification in the future.

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Anyways to answer your question, it depends on the platform. The homeassistant cloud platform should accept saying phrases like “Alexa , make the kitchen lights blue”