Use bluetooth state to set person location

I currently have a template set to be turned on when my phone connects to my cars stereo. However, I cannot figure out if it is possible to push a status to a person using this.

I would love to be able to set a person’s status to driving while connected, then upon parking, the person’s status would be updated to the current zone.

You can add custom device trackers to your person entities that receive their state from automations or scripts using the device_tracker.see service call. The issue you’re going to run into is that the state is going to be overwritten by updates to GPS-based device_trackers. You would need to dynamically remove/re-add those from/to the person. Doing that is possible with the custom integration Spook.

Thank you that works great. My only other question would be, how could I pull the gps data from my phone into the custom device.tracker to give it locational data? IS that even possible?