Use Broadlink RM as an input device?

Can I use the Broadlink RM3 Mini as an input device? For example, point an old TV remote at the Broadlink and trigger an automation in Home Assistant.

If the rm3 is the little one that’s about the size of a chewing gum pot then no. It only takes incoming signals when it’s ‘learning’.

Don’t know about any other models but I suspect it would generally be the same.

That’s what I suspected, so it’s back to my Arduino solution that I started working on a while back.

Have you seen this?

Running LIRC on a separate Pi (or in a container on the same one) might be an easier option than developing a custom Arduino device.

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I never could get LIRC to work on a Pi, but I did have a lot of success with the Arduino Uno. But the Uno doesn’t do WiFi. My next attempt will be on a NodeMCU.