Use Daikin climate platform to control a generic air conditioner via IR

Hi guys, I would like to create an entity like the one used for the Daikin Air Conditioner for my non wifi Daikin. I have an ir blaster to control my air conditioner that is able to communicate with HA via MQTT. How can I recreate the daikin entity and uses MQTT commands ? is it an impossible task?

basically I would like to have a component like this
that sends MQTT commands
on user input

Not impossible, in fact quite easy to simulate in a group or Lovelace card.

  1. create input selects for the various settings (fan, mode, etc…) make sure each one has the correct options to select from.
  2. create an input number for the set temperature
  3. create automations that send mqtt commands when the input selects or input number are changed.
  4. create a group or Lovelace card to hold your input selects, input number and a history graph of set temperature and current temperature sensor.

I don’t bother with individual settings as I have a few set ‘modes’ I prefer and my ir blaster uses json not mqtt but the principal is the same: