Use Echo to open garage door monitored by Sonoff SV

I currently have an automation that has my Echo state that garage door just opened or closed.

Now, I would like to tell garage door to open/close using my Echo device.

Current automation using a Tasmota, Sonoff SV and reed switch.

Is this possible? If so, how?

Thanks, Rich

You could create an Alexa routine which launches a HA script.

I am asuuming you are using nabu casa or emulated hue to tell echo the current switch state ? or are you using a native echo app ?

Either way the above will allow you to create alexa routines to activate the switch

How do I get Alexa to recognize Home Assistant? Do I need to install something?


You need an account with Nabu Casa (more details on the Home Assisatnt cloud here). You can then enable the Home Assistant skill in the Alexa app, which will expose all your HA entities to Alexa making voice control possible.

I appreciate your response but I don’t wish to pay a subscription fee.

I would need another method.


Don’t think there is one - sorry.

use emulated hue

I think you could also use Haaska if I remember correctly and you are triggering the motor by the Sonoff SV switch.

I use it to send Echo a message to announce when it opens or closes.