Use energy price data from Tibber to trigger Growatt battery loading

Would like to use the energy price data provided by Tibber to load my Growatt Photovoltaik battery at times of lowest energy prices. Anybody done that and/or anybody who could help. I guess the tough part of a solution is to enter the Growatt Battery Management System. The Growatt App provides the opportunity to program specific time slots for loading the battery from grid. Manually that works. Now I would like to get this running automatically.

Check this forum, you can achieve this over modbus with an esp module:

Alternatively you could have a look at solar assistant, requires an SBC (pi3b+ or alternative)

Mind you that i have been operating this (modbus) setup for nearly a year. According to growatt this is not good for the health of the battery… I asked questions about soc drops, round trip losses etc. According to them this is because I change the charge/discharge settings “too often”.