Use ESP32 Cheap Yellow Display for home assistant data

I have one of the cheap 2.8inch LCD’s to “play” with.

Looking at the documentation, this appears to be supported, however, whilst I can see there are functions to display lines, and shapes, I’m looking to display simple gauges & bar graphs in the same way as you can do with the built in functions in Home Assistant.

Before I start fiddling with some code to draw images onto the screen to manually create a display, I was wondering if there are existing demos / libraries that can be added to ESP Home to do this for me, I have searched, but not found anything (no point in re-inventing the wheel)

Initially I’m only looking to do some basic things like showing the solar battery charge state, house load and PV generation.

One word: openhasp.

Obviously need to change the component to fit your display… And maybe you can then even do color…

The docs got you covered

The new LVGL code (BETA) is great for stuff like this and super easy to use. It much more advanced then the older version of LVGL they are using at openHASP.

@andrew_NH lol we are chasing each other round the forum.