Use Geofence instead of GPS?

The new HA iOS has a lot of potential. I’m especially fond of the device tracker. But leaving the GPS on al the time is battery consuming, especially when the location is within a radius and not precise.

Many other apps use geofence when entering or leaving an area, it barely consumes any battery and works great.

I think it would make the app better!

Not sure, just reading about it myself, but would this be what you are looking for?

This uses geofencing via Locative service and appears to be able to integrate with other presence detection as well.

No, I mean the HA iOS app. It uses GPS but I think it would be a good idea to test geofence for tracking of when a device is entering och exiting the “home area”.

Hey so the app doesn’t use GPS the way you think it does.

There are 3 situations in which we use your location:

  • You enter or exit a zone (this is a geofence)
  • Your location significantly changes
  • You hit the upload button to send a one time location update

In all situations, we use the Core Location framework to request your location. It uses a mix of GPS, Wifi, iBeacon and other sensors. GPS is the hardest hit on the battery. Only if your device hasn’t requested your location in a while will GPS be used, and that decision is up to the framework. I do not set anything that requires use of only GPS.

To be very clear, Home Assistant for iOS does not and will not constantly use your GPS. I will never implement such a function.

Hi Robbie, thanks for your work and app.
Cool, I see. Thought that it was in all the time since the GPS-marker were there all the time.

Nope. The marker is loaded from a locally stored copy of the data.

I meant the GPS-marker in iOS. The one next to the battery.