Use HA as man in the middle between MiHome and Smartthings

Sorry for the lack of knowledge, I am new into this, just started as side project to Smartthings.
My initial plan was to use a docker container or synology as “man in the middle” to connect Xiaomi Home with Smarthings, as per link below, to control a roborock vacuum cleaner.
Question, it is possible to implement that guy app in HassOs? I would love to have all those functionalities in smartthings, and this is the only way. In HA is much easier, I’ve found scripts for all the controls.


  • SmartThings account
  • Local server (Synology NAS, Raspberry Pi, Linux Server) with Docker installed
  • Xiaomi Gateway (Only needed for Zigbee devices)
  • Built-in bluetooth or dongle available on local server (Only needed for Bluetooth devices)

Docker Versions

Stable Versions

Docker tag

Install Mi Connector API Server

Raspberry Pi

Docker must be installed and running before continuing the installation.

sudo mkdir /docker
sudo mkdir /docker/mi-connector
sudo chown -R pi:pi /docker
docker pull fison67/mi-connector-arm:latest
docker run -d --restart=always -v /docker/mi-connector:/config --name=mi-connector-arm --net=host fison67/mi-connector-arm:latest