Use Home Assistant lights with Hyperion

I’ve coded a small adapter that lets you use Home Assistant lights with Hyperion. You can use both rgb (for full color) and non-rgb lights (just for dimming). This way I can control lights both through HA as well as from Hyperion

I’ve tried using ha-bridge before, but it was just awfully inconvenient to configure.

Here’s the demo:

You can see it in motion here:

Here’s the code for the adapter - the README contains installation instructions:


Thx a lot for your efforts!
That’s exactly what I was looking for.

Sadly I have supervised Hass OS install and can’t use it.

Any chance to get custom integration in hacs?


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@kuba-orlik when i got you right this is an npm (node.js) package, right?

How can I use it on an supervised HASS.OS install?

PS: sorry, not so deep in this kind of development.


I have now installed your script on my openwrt install but sadly it takes q lot of cpu power (http requests overhead and so on…).

I think i will go the direct way of using hyperion → wled. Rather than hyperion → ha-bridge → home assistant → esphome/hue.

Thanks for your efforts.

Made an feature request on the github here: Add Home Assistant support · Issue #1703 · hyperion-project/ · GitHub

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Not sure about a supervised HASS.OS install, didn’t try it exactly because of how limiting it is.

But I see you have Hyperion installed, I assume it’s not installed within HASS.OS, just on some other machine? You can run my bridge on that other machine and it will connect to Home Assistant over the network. The bridge requires no changes or config on Home Assistant side, it just uses the API that is already there

hi, congratulations for your work. I would be really interested in installing the project in my hassio but I don’t understand how to do it. can you give a step by step guide please? I would be deeply grateful